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Our Choose Your Own Adventure Games

You get an invitation to the Midsummer party at Madame Marigold’s House of Respite. Everyone knows what happens there but no one talks about it. Your choices throughout the night determine your fate and may even end with you running the show!

Contains adult content

For hundreds of years Verdant has stood against storms, war, and raiders, a pinnacle of life and prosperity. But a secret war has begun. Your choices will decide if Verdant will continue to rise in the annals of history as a great civilization or fall to dust, ruin, and enslavement.

Contains adult content

AVAILABLE NOW! Travel back to Madame Marigold’s House of Respite to visit your favorite monsters! Play short story games in the MB universe with monsters and scenarios voted on by our Patreon community.

Contains adult content

What your Geeking Like a Boss Subscription Includes

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Your subscription grants you access to all of our choose your own adventure games!

Our text-based CYOA games are augmented with a graphical interface, artwork, a collectible and inventory system, music, sound, and a save system.

Our games are adult in nature. Must be over 18 to play.

Access to Exclusive Artwork

Your subscription includes access to artwork not publically released including character portraits, game scenes, world-building, and NSFW artwork.

Exclusive Lore and Extra Content

Your subscription gives you access to character bios, world lore, extra stories, and fan content to keep the game going even after you finish the main storyline!

Subscription Plans

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* Each plan is a one-time charge and does not auto-renew. Once your membership is over you will need to manually renew your subscription if you wish to continue. See how to renew or change subscriptions on our Q&A

The benefits of supporting the project on Patreon

Sneak peeks at game development and artwork throughout 2019

  Free game/website access to play Monster Brothel now and Verdant

  Sneak peeks at not safe for work content and artwork development*

  Get exclusive updates characters by becoming a character’s supporter*

  Help us develop a character for the game*

  As we reach monthly goals we will release bonus content an add bonus storylines and characters to the game

  Access to our very active Discord server with color highlighted role

*  Available on some tiers

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