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Mixed Race

On the continent of Cantoria there are three peoples who are capable of producing mixed-race offspring; the Orcs of Ta’Nakahour, the Gabelins nomads, and the Humans of Verdant, Telicor, and Velhein.

To the Orcs, mixed-race offspring are a welcome addition to any tribe. They do not acknowledge any such concept as ‘half-orc’s or ‘part-orc’ in their society. If the child has Orc blood and lives with the people in accordance with their tribe’s traditions, nothing else matters. They are Orc. For this reason among others, children with Orc mixed heritage will typically be ‘left’ to whatever tribe the non-Orc mother can get in contact with as quickly as possible. Even if the father is not one of the tribe members, no Orc will turn down one of their own and they will not hesitate to take the child in. On the other end of things, no Orc household will be upset if one of their women gives birth to a child with a non-Orc father. Their acceptance is unquestionable, and the child is unlikely to suffer any bullying due to their bloodline whether human or Gabelin.

The humans of Verdant are somewhat less accepting of these potential mixings. Among the Verdant border patrols, mixing socially with Orcs is highly frowned upon, though not technically against the law. It’s known to happen now and again, but if discovered the soldier will be reassigned as far away as possible with all speed. Because of this, if the soldier finds themself pregnant they face a difficult journey across the deserts, through the Greenback mountains, and past the guarded border to even have a chance at giving the child up to a better family life. Orc children in Verdant have a difficult upbringing, if not an outright unwelcomed one. If the soldier happens to be a man when the flirtations are discovered, then it is unlikely that they will ever know they have a child in Ta’Nakahour. After all it isn’t as if the Verdant military is going to deliver a letter from the Orcs.

Gabelins are not known for mixing socially, especially not intimately. But it does happen. For an Orc-Gabelin offspring, the standard feelings apply on the Ta’Nakahour side of things. For the humans it is an unusual occurrence but not viewed as anything more than a slight oddity. For the Gabelins however, this is a deep offense against the family and the people. If unmarried, a female will be pressed to give up the child as quickly as possible, and few questions are asked if this is accomplished in the dead of night. If married, the husband may well make the decision himself. While kinder husbands may at least wait until they meet up with humans or Orcs to get rid of the stain on their family, less generous ones may take the same option as the former. If the mother is stubborn and refuses to be parted, she will be cast out from the caravan as soon as they are close to a city. From this point on, even if she does give the baby up, the Gabelins will be deaf to her, and her name will be erased from their lips. If either a male of a female Gabelin is caught dallying by avoids pregnancy, they will be shunned for a time until they can make amends to the Tan’maam for their transgression.