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Additional Races

Mixed Race On the continent of Cantoria there are three peoples who are capable of producing mixed-race offspring; the Orcs of Ta’Nakahour, the Gabelins nomads, and the Humans of Verdant, Telicor, and Velhein. To the Orcs, mixed-race offspring are a welcome addition to any tribe. They do not acknowledge any such concept as ‘half-orc’s or […]

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Vadels of Peccundur

Race Profile Cantoria is not the only continent in the world. From far across the ocean to the Northern lands come the Vadel, a people of immense wealth and curiosity, seeking adventure in what they consider ‘unknown’ lands. With heavy silks and money to spend, these antlered people pay handsomely for anyone willing to take […]

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Yenya of the Red Wastes

Race Profile Long ago, the Yenya people were said to rule over a vast empire to the South. Their lands were great, yet they were at war with the Orc folk, each kind always seeking to expand in favor of their kind. One day, a terrible Cataclysm struck, and the heart of the Yenya empire […]

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Gabelin Nomads

Race Profile These nomadic folk traverse where they please, though the desert wildlands are where they can most often be found. The Gabelin people are respected artisans and crafters of fine textiles, dyes, and embroidery, though the real secret to their success is the highly coveted machit, a rich and delectable wine who’s recipe is […]

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Orc of Ta’Nakahour

Race Profile Muscular and agile, the Orc of Ta’Nakahour are a people unto themselves. History says that they once ruled the land now known as Verdant only to be ousted from its borders by Tiamati and her descendants after years of war and strife. They have not forgotten what was stolen from them, however, they […]

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Humans of Verdant

Race Profile Dominating the nations of Verdant, Telicor, and Velhein are humans, each nationality with its own unique cultural identity. Verdant is a matriarchal society, ruled by a line of Queens with strong warrior values and an emphasis on providing for their people in the harsh, indomitable desert landscape. Women sit at the top of […]

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Verdant: What You Need to Know

Cantoria and the Nations The Continent of Cantoria Across the waves and past the far horizon lies the continent of Cantoria, an island surpassing all others in size, scope, and diverse geography. To the East is Spirepass Mountains, so dubbed for its towering rocky crags covered in snow and ice. To the West lies the […]

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Change of Seasons

Genre: Fantasy/AdventureRating: PG – 13 Life is busy in Port Spire, no less so for Keahmat, a young child who helps keep their family’s bakery thriving even during the height of the festival season. While other children get to run off to enjoy the pageantry and spectacle of the holiday, Kaehmat has other plans in […]

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Minotaurs of Verdant

Race Profile Once refugees from another continent far across the sea, the last eleven generations of minotaurs have been born in Verdant. Broad shouldered and powerful, these people find satisfaction in the tilling of the earth and watching their hard work come to fruition. They prefer a rural life but have adapted quite well to […]