New Commissions Currently Closed

I am currently not taking on new commission clients since I am exclusively on “The Monster Brothel.” Existing clients and Patreon subscribers will still receive their content.

 Penny-a-word Commissions

Every fic, no matter the content, costs 1 penny per word. It doesn’t matter if that word is ‘the’ or ‘Antidisestablishmentarianism’. Both cost a penny!

For Instance: 1,000 words for $10. 5,000 for $50. 10,000 for $100

Any Ship Welcome

Any ship from any fandom is welcome, but I do prefer ships and fandoms I’m actually semi-familiar with. If you ask me to write a Dr. Who fic, I’m going to be a bit lost because I’m not a Whovian. (Tragic, right.) But if you’re paying, I’ll do my best for you.


NSFW Welcome

I really have no difficulty doing NSFW fics. I won’t judge you for your kinks or blame you for what you’re requesting. If you want, you can even ask that I don’t post the work or that I keep you as Anonymous. It’s up to you if you want to share your depravity with the world.


Long Fics Take Time

A longer fic is going to take a longer time to write. Please be patient with me as I work on it. I don’t ask for payment upfront, but I also won’t turn over the file or post until I’m paid. So if you ask for a 20k ThanosxLoki (what would that ship name even BE?) torture fic, be prepared for it to take a little time.


Take It Chapter By Chapter

I will happily do chapter works for pay by the chapter prices. See Rule #3. The price tag is the same, but once again I don’t make you pay until the chapter is ready to go up. I am also happy to hold a chapter until you have the money to pay for it. We all live by that two week gap between paydays and I understand that

Read Examples

Visit my Archive of Our Own page to read examples of fiction I’ve written for my clients.

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