A choose your own adventure story game for us teratophiles.

In this choose your own adventure story game you decide how to proceed! As you move through the game, you will meet interesting characters, unique scenes, and surprising twists and turns! Every choice you make and every item you pick up or lose affects where you will go and how the story will end!  Who knows, you might even end up running the show!


Features and Treats

Interesting Story

An erotic click-through choose your own adventure style text game with an interesting storyline.

Engaging Characters

Packed full of interesting and fun characters and monsters that are sure to steal your heart!

Items and Inventory

Collect items that affect the storyline, open secret places, and determine endings.

Game Maps

Colorful, fully rendered maps to help you navigate different areas of the game.

Artwork and bios

Artwork and extensive backstories of featured characters and monsters.

Music and Sounds

Background music and sounds to immerse you even deeper into the scene.

Save System

Save your current location and inventory and come back later without losing progress.

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Character Artwork and Additional Content

Membership includes access to uncensored character artwork and additional character bios, backstories, and lore.

Launched October 1st, 2018

Your invitation to the mysterious Marigold House arrives at your door. You know everyone in your town is invited once in their lives, but no one ever talks about it afterward. What, or who is behind those doors and do you dare enter to find out?

Launched December 1st, 2018

In chapter two you will be able to explore the howling woods, with many new characters and storylines. Who will you choose, will you make the hard decision to help your frightening new acquaintances, and will you decide to stay in the woods?

Launched February 14th, 2019

Chapter three unlocks many new rooms in Madam Marigolds’ House of Respite. All new characters and adventures await you inside!

Play Anywhere

The game supports laptop/desktop, mobile, and tablet screens

Gameplay and Tutorial

Come with us as we journey through the first few rooms of Madame Marigold’s House of Respite. Learn how to navigate its twists and turns while collecting useful items along the way.

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* Each plan is a one-time charge and does not auto-renew. Once your membership is over you will need to manually renew your subscription if you wish to continue playthroughs or gain access to new chapters as they come out.

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Age Restriction and Content Warnings

Please bare in mind that Monster Brothel is intended only for audiences 18 years or older. By Subscribing, Logging In and Playing, you are agreeing that you are 18+ years of age and able to view this content!


The following contains:

  • Sexual Themes
  • Crude Language
  • Explicit Sexual Activity
  • Horror Scenarios

This story also contains graphic sexual content with monsters, including but not limited to:

  • teratophilia (monster porn)
  • LGBTQ/Queer themes
  • oral/vaginal/anal penetration
  • BDSM themes