About The book

In Telicor a man is raised to know who he is and what life wants from him. Khonrad has lived with this in mind since he was a child at his father’s knee, and has never once balked at the expectations set on his shoulders. When his troops are sent through the Narrow, a tight passage through the Spirepass Mountains, Khonrad believes he knows what awaits him on the other side. For ages people have told fantastical stories of the wild women of the desert, the Verdani fighters, promising them to be both feral creatures and wanton damsels in need of a man’s touch. It is an amusing enough story for soldiers to entertain themselves with. But Khonrad and his fellow commanders quickly find the tales at odd with the striking reality.

As the mountain passage vanishes into the distance, this fallen warrior is left in a world he does not understand, struggling to hold onto his honor until he can return home again.


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