Choose Who You Are. Forge Your Path

A choose your own adventure game from the creators of The Monster Brothel

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About the game

Between the desolation of the Red Wastes and the treacherous canopy of the Dense Jungles lies Verdant. For hundreds of years, this nation has stood against storms, war, and raiders, a pinnacle of life and prosperity. But a secret war has begun. Your choices will decide if Verdant will continue to rise in the annals of history as a great civilization or fall to dust, ruin, and enslavement.

Verdant includes adult and sexual themes, including teratophila. The trial game contains no adult or sexual themes.

Choose Who You Are. Forge Your Path.

4 characters available, more coming soon!

We heard you, it was confusing in Monster Brothel when your player character changed gender and sexuality throughout your game.

In Verdant you choose from a variety of player characters with different genders, sexualities, races, and species and play that character throughout the game! Each character has their own storyline and a part to play in Verdant!

Many stories with many paths

Each player character has their own story, multiple paths, and at least 3 possible endings.

Verdant is a text-based choose-your-own-adventure game augmented by an collectibles system, artwork, extended lore, and much more!

Player Characters

Everything has a cost. Which means everyone pays, sooner or later.

Irez has been in and out of trouble most of her life, from stealing bread to faking her citizenship. That life has caught up with her and she faces one of Verdant’s harshest punishments, exile into the Red Wastes. Many do not survive even for a few days in the desert, but Irez is determined to be one of the few who do. Can she eke out a life for herself after exile or even find some small way to redeem herself?

Official Name: Irez
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Starting Location:Verdant Proper

I want to earn my place among my people. I wasn’t under the impression that would be easy.

Anehete was born into a female lead society and she wants to take her place alongside her sisters as a proper and recognized woman of Verdant. There is only one way to achive this, the trial in the Red Wastes. Surviving for a year with just a few other Verdant girls and whatever they can carry on their backs is the ultimate way to prove you belong and earn citizenship. The deserts hold more than she bargained for, however, and Anehete soon realizes that what they discover in the wastes threatens not only the lives of the Neophytes but everyone in Verdant.

Official Name: Anehete

Race: Human

Gender: Trans Woman

Sexuality: Lesbian

Starting Location: The Red Wastes

I used to know who I was, what I was. My life was all laid out before me. But now?

Khonrad’s mission was easy, just a quick campaign to put down the neighboring country that was clambering too loudly. It did not end well. He now finds himself in service to the enemy as a thrall. This new land is strange, their customs foreign, and their way of life very unlike what he has always known, yet… Khonrad cannot deny it is all a bit…intriguing

Official Name: Khonrad

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Starting Location: Verdant Desert

Orc is Orc, I agree. But these orcs – our children – will have to be Verdant as well.

Becoming Heir Presumptive to the Throne is by no means an easy task. It requires more than just the right pedigree. One must have determination, willpower, and skills in spades to be deemed the favorite child and stand by the side of the Queen. Princess Reissa has put years of work into her position. Now, with the threat of open war on the horizon, she is called upon to secure an alliance through the oldest of methods. Marriage.

Official Name: Reissa

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Starting Location: The Queen’s Place in Verdant Proper

Races & monster classes

The dominant race of Verdant, humans are culturally and ethnically diverse, bringing and array of languages and traditions to the nation.

Matriarchal, queen ruled, and highly socially structured the humans continue to expand their empire into the lush lands of Verdant. However, they should not forget the threats and rivals bristling at every border they erect.

Once refugees from another continent far across the sea, the last eleven generations of minotaurs have been born in Verdant, Earning a place tilling the land.

Broad shouldered and powerful, these people find satisfaction in the tilling of the earth and watching their hard work come to fruition. They prefer a rural life but have adapted quite well to the comforts of being so close to Verdant proper. Slow to anger, Minotaurs can nonetheless be stubborn and unflinching against obstacles. Quiet by nature, they care deeply for their families and will do anything to protect them. 

Some old tales say that the Orc people once had a great city that stood where Verdant now towers. But it matters very little.

Muscular and agile, the orcs have found solace in their green surroundings for more generations than they can remember. However, they have not forgotten what was stolen from them. They have little trust for humans, and will not permit them to go beyond their border marks. Anyone foolish enough to trespass won’t make it past the tree line without hearing the sharp whistle of an arrow. And orcs do not miss. However, some small dispensations have been made. In recent decades, Verdant has begun to permit small groups of orcs to come into the cities and trade their wares.

Bound by tradition and culture, the gabelins are masters of the roadways.

Proud and dedicated to family, the gabelins are an insular, nomadic community that lives apart from Verdant’s cities. Their ways often seem strange to outsiders, but they have maintained for centuries where others have fallen.

One of the original cultures of Verdant long ago, their people are without a home to call their own.

As they struggle to survive in an unforgiving land, the Yenya are none the less a people to be respected. Trespass at your own peril, and do not expect mercy should you come with ill intentions.

Visitors from a foreign shore, the Vadels are prone to misunderstanding the nature of Verdant and its people.

With rumors of a revolt brewing in their homeland, are these Vadels here to escape a revolution or scout out a new place to put down roots?

Game Features*

Choose your player character

Each character has it’s own race/ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and unique story path!

Replay as many times as you want

Each character has multiple endings. Play any character you want without losing progress on another.

Autosave feature

Autosaving takes place silently in the background. Continue from where you left off when you come back to the game.

Multiple save slots

Multiple hard save slots available. Use save slots to save a place you wish to come back to or to save the progress on one character while you play another.

Downloadable save file

Download your current game state for later, or to take to another device.

collectibles system

Pick up items to gain extended lore, information, and access to extras.

In game map and tutorial

Access the map and tutorial without leaving the game.

Hideable dock

Items such as the forward and back button, inventory and map links, as well as save and restart buttons located in a collapsible sidebar.

Turn audio on/off

Turn all game audio on and off in the settings area and have your setting remembered.

Text resizer

Increase or decrease the story text size with dedicated text resize buttons.

Fullscreen mode

Toggle the game in and out of full-screen mode with a dedicated fullscreen button. (not available in some browsers)

User settings and themes

Choose between two color themes and serif and sans serif reading test. Easily switch between the modes in settings and have your preference remembered.
*  Game features may change throughout development

Play The Demo

Enter Verdant, a lush kingdom that does not yet know the trouble it has found itself in.

In the demo you can play through part one of the Neophyte’s storyline

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Age Restriction and Content Warnings

Verdant is intended only for audiences 18 years or older. By Subscribing, Logging in, and Playing, you are agreeing that you are 18+ years of age and able to view this content!


This game contains:

  • Sexual Themes
  • Crude Language
  • Explicit Sexual Activity
  • Adult Scenarios

This story also contains graphic sexual content with monsters, including but not limited to:

  • teratophilia (Adult monster content)
  • LGBTQ/Queer themes
  • Sexual scenes