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Asim | Forest Entity

Asim the Forest Entity


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Forest Entity

Found in Chapter…

Chapter two

Storyline Includes:

  • encasement
  • mind fuck
  • body modification
  • overstimulation

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More to the story…

All forests are alive. The older the growth of the trees, the more self-aware the woods are. New woods are still too young and bright. They have not developed enough to feel out things and become aware of the many creatures who wander beneath the canopy. Yet, some of the oldest forests are said to sing with the swaying of their branches. They reach out with heavy boughs to protect what dwells within. Old forests are sentient, and that is why you feel eyes staring at you when you walk in them. They know you are there, and they are waiting to see if you mean them harm. They will defend themselves or lead others to act in their stead. The older the forest, the more cautious you must be while within in.

Occasionally, though more rarely now, the forest itself will become possessed of the will to become ambulatory. It is difficult to accomplish, as nearly all of the magical things that once dwelt here have long since left. A forest must be sufficiently ancient and have some magical beings dwelling within it to accomplish such a thing. As the energy builds, it becomes fertile, allowing the forest itself to develop the means by which to form a body. The forest will often collect whatever they find appealing. Bones, furs, discarded branches, flowers, and whatever else it decided to use in order to create a form to inhabit.

These entities are often mistaken for gods, and it’s no wonder considering the fearsome and awe-inspiring figures they must present. But while they are powerful, they are not divine, nor do they consider themselves to be godly. It is difficult to know much about these entities, as they do not form often and are a reclusive species. However, they do seem to share similar traits. They have a propensity for being both wise and naive, having dwelt within themselves for centuries or even millennium. They are very shy, only showing themselves if they must, however, their curious natures make them follow around newcomers to their territory. They do not need to eat to sustain themselves, although their cobbled bodies may break down and require replacement parts from time to time.

They do not have a concept of gender in the way we would grasp it, though occasionally some choose to acquire the necessary parts to present as a gender if they wish. They do not require sex, as they do not reproduce in the way many animals do. But these entities do seem to have the same yearnings for intimacy and companionship as any other creature. Their presence is a mental one, and it’s not unknown for them to link themselves with someone they become fond of, allowing for a shared experience of intense, burning stimulation. Those who have experienced have difficulty describing it accurately, often saying it is “orgasmic” without being an orgasm. A “mind-fuck” that leaves one drained, disoriented, and ecstatic for hours after.

As with all magically endowed creatures, there is a risk in becoming closely involved with them. These forest entities have a view of life as being cyclical in nature. Birth, life, death, and renewal is all one to them, and they are very patient beings. They understand the decay of things as merely one step in the immense cycle of creation, and on a few very frightening occasions, have decided to keep those they have become intimate with. When they do so, they befuddle their lover making the human body languid and malleable. They will then ensnare them in thickly rooted branches, encasing them as they slowly drift off into a deep slumber. Utilizing their power and knowledge, the entity will then break down the body of flesh and blood to it’s most basic components, and spend centuries reconstructing it. Effectively, they are making their new companion immortal at the cost of the body that existed before. Whether or not their new companion consented to this transaction is up for debate, as no one has been around after the process is completed in order to ask.