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  • BDSM
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  • Edging & denial
  • Implied squirting
  • Spanking

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Ghosts exist.

That is something one must accept without a doubt before they can begin to unravel the complexities of an incorporeal spirit of the dead. True ghosts are not as common as one might think. Most of them can be found to be old pipes, floorboards in need of replacing, and owning a cat who happens to like going crazy at 3 a.m when everyone else is trying to get some sleep. However, the real spirit occurrences seem to have certain similarities in their reasoning which gives us some logic to their happening.

While we cannot claim to understand what happens to a person’s soul after death, we do know that what remains is, in fact, a soul. Not the repetition of an event or a damned creature, but a person trapped in another form of existence. They know no more about the afterlife than the average person. While a spirit is no longer alive, they have not passed on to the hereafter, assuming of course that there is a hereafter to move on to.

Spirits are created when someone passes in the grip of powerful emotional charges. While anger is among the most prevalent, love is a close second. Along with disappointment, ennui, and determination. Of course, some of the most virile spirits are produced from violent endings, such as deaths brought about by murder or betrayal. They can be found to linger the longest after their passing, and it is unwise to provoke their spirit.

Even being dead, ghosts are capable of effecting their surroundings. They have a greater chance of affecting things which they had a connection with in life, thus the likelihood of finding a spirit with their original house and possessions. Interacting with other, unfamiliar objects is a great deal more difficult and requires more energy. The current theory is that the things that were once theirs still remember their touch, and retain some of their kinetic energy. That being said, manipulating anything solid remains difficult, and a spirit must gather a lot of energy in order to move objects.

The most difficult thing for a spirit to do is manifest themselves to the human eye. Some people are gifted to some extent. Usually, it is due to something in their background that connects them o the supernatural. A witch or fae in the family would do the trick. But for your average, mundane, un-gifted human, they would be utterly unaware of a spirit in their area. At most, they would experience a chill in the room, and an overall feeling of being observed. If a spirit chooses to manifest themselves, they will rarely do so in their entirety. This is why people report seeing silhouettes, detached limbs, and translucent figures instead of a whole, well-formed opaque figure.

In order for a spirit to become physical enough to feel things, they must not only connect energy but maintain a connection to a person and continually feed off of that energy. This carries substantial risks, of course. People who have willingly let a spirit ‘feed’ off their energy report being lethargic for days after, declaring that they are numb and drowsy as if they had been sick. We have no idea what prolonged and enthusiastic exposure would do to either participant.