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Grimtooth the Goblin


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Grimtooth the leader and his  horde of Goblins



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Chapter two

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  • This character does not include sex scenes

More to the story…

Goblins, trolls, and orcs are all related, though you’ll never hear any of them admit to it. It is considered that if orcs and trolls are siblings through the same father, goblins are the cousins that no one invites to the reunions. It is not my intention to be crude or ill-mannered in regards to their people. However while walking among the orcs, one is set in the midst of a culture. A tribe of people with their own social structures and philosophy. Trolls, which once were counted as solitary and feral creatures, have become a society and intermingled as a people. Goblins, while they do congregate, are better described as a hoard.

They are the shock troops of the supernatural world and are most often used to that effect when there are feuds between factions. Goblins scramble about the fae realms, allied most often with the Unseelie revelries, but it is not unheard of for the Seelie courts to hired rouge goblins to accomplish ends they would rather not be connected to. But even the wildest and deep woods unseelie revelry does not care to associate with the goblins on a social level. They are the dark secret of the fae world. Part of it, yet on the outside of the revelry.

Goblins form into large groups of anywhere from a few dozen to over a hundred. These groups, best known as hoards, dwell together in underground caverns. Their skin is sensitive to bright lights and dry climates, and so the dark, moist caves are an ideal environment. Goblins are scavengers by nature, taking whatever they can find and making it work for them. They are a clever and creative species, and it is fascinating to see their ways of maintaining their environment.

However, it is not advised for one to risk their lives by snooping on goblins. The power structure within a hoard is a tenuous one. There is often one goblin who holds nominal power over the others due to their age or ferocity in battle. But to appease their numbers, they are prone to allowing their followers to amuse themselves with intruders. As creative as they are with their scavenging, they are much more inventive with their entertainments. Crude, but effective.

The only real way to ensure survival with a goblin hoard is they have the patronage of a higher fae. A lord, lady, or one of the noble courts who has a handle over them. If there is a more powerful fae in charge of them, even the most angry and restless goblin will bow.