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Makura | Haunted Mirror

Makura the Haunted Mirror

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Chapter three

Storyline Includes:

  • Body Horror
  • Masturbation
  • Voyeurism
  • Mind fuck

More to the story…

Ghosts exist, but there is a substantial difference between a corporeal manifestation and a possessed or haunted object. A spirit, once displaced from their physical body, may be capable of wandering within a certain area. They linger most often in the place surrounding their death. Sometimes this area may be as small as a room. Other times it may be an entire expanse of land. What the parameters are for distance when a spirit haunts an area as unknown, as it would require surveying a substantial amount of actual ghosts in order to find some correlation in the approximate area of a haunting.

However, another classification of haunting, known commonly as possession or haunted object occurrence, is entirely possible. This seems to happen either when the deceased person had a very strong and specific connection to the object in question, or, in very rare circumstances if they had arcane knowledge which allowed them to place their soul within an object upon their death. This was apparently used as something of a ‘safekeeping’ method, or on a few occasions, to escape persecution during some of the less enlightened times of world history. A gifted person would enchant an object, kill themselves in front of it, and allow their soul to become ensnared by the object. The intention, of course, was to wait until the heat had died down and have their assistant or trusted partner bring a suitable donor around for them to then transfer into.

However, this often left a great deal of room for bad luck to have its say.

In one recorded circumstance, a sorceress ensnared herself in her favorite necklace. Having grown older, she intended to have her husband place the necklace on a comely young woman, thus allowing the sorcerer to displace the woman’s soul with her own and achieve renewed youth and another shot at life. Much to her dismay, her husband found himself falling into an affair with the pretty young woman, and discarded the necklace into a vault, leaving his wife’s soul trapped inside! She was understandably bitter about this, but unfortunately, she began to take out her fury on anyone who dared wear her necklace from the day forward. It had to be properly exorcized in order to prevent any further incidents, which is a great pity as haunted necklaces are difficult to come by.

The greatest difficulty with possessed objects is if they fall into the hands of someone who is ignorant of their capability. Often such objects are claimed to be ‘cursed’, though a curse is an entirely different sphere of magic. A curse is more latent malevolence. It has no personal feelings about the matter. It is simply a trap triggered by whoever sets it off. A haunted or possessed object frequently has a bitter, angry and violent spirit behind it with the intention of harming another and preferences as to who. If such incidents occur, it is strongly advised to find someone with the necessary experience to remove the object from mundane hands and either find a means to secure it safely or remove the spirit from the object.