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  • Hypnosis
  • Voyeurism
  • Breath play
  • Oral
  • Multiple cocks
  • Masturbation

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Thousands of years ago; when the world was still a new and fragile thing; Ra, god of the Sun or perhaps even the sun itself, upheld order and brought light to the world. His coming began anew age of humanity as he brought people from the darkness of ignorance and into knowledge. But as with all things, there must be a balance. After Ra came Apophis, the dark serpent, born from the cast off umbilical cord of Ra. As all serpents, Apophis prefers the darkness to light, and chaos to the grand order of things. He longs the world to return to the primordial womb from whence it came. Apophis has vowed to one day swallow the sun, plunging all of existence back into the beginning, back into darkness.

The true origins of the naga are largely unknown, but the legends state it as such. One day, while Apophis was chasing the sun, he spied a mortal woman stopping to gather rushes from the Nile river. So taken was he by her beauty, that Apophis for one moment forgot about his destiny and turned his massive head to see her better. She was as the dusk before the dawn, and her face was immediately pleasing to him. He spied upon her for many days after, knowing that he would not be able to approach her lest she shriek and run away in fright. This fact saddened him greatly, so much so that he became morose and unpleasant indeed.

After many months, Apophis came tot he decision that he must come to know this woman one way or the other. He descended to the world below and took the form of a small green serpent, liken in color to the rushes. Apophis drew close to the woman, hoping she would not spy him, but her eyes were sharp and cunning, and she saw him quite quickly.

Rather then fright, Apophis saw the woman smile at him, her eyes wrinkling at the corners. “Hush little serpent. Don’t give yourself away.” She warned, still going about her work. “Are you hungry little one?” she asked and took some small, salted fish from a pouch in her basket, putting one out for him. She put a finger to her lips, winking coyly, and walked back to her village, leaving the great serpent behind.

Apophis ate the fish and decided then and there that he must make her his wife. But in order to make a bride of her, she must consent to be his, and he felt sure that she would not do this if she knew his true form.

The next day the woman returned and Apophis slithered out from the banks, looking up at her. “Ah! It is my little friend! How goes the fishing today?”

“It is good, thank you.” He said, for in those days it was not so unusual for animals to speak if they felt inclined to do so. “Your fish yesterday was greatly appreciated. I came back to see if there is anything I might do to repay your kindness.”

The woman thought for a moment and nodded. It was rude to refuse repayment when offered after all. “There are many crocodile along the banks, and I must gather rushes every day to help build a new home. If you could keep an eye on them and alert if if one comes too close, I would appreciate it a great deal!”

“I would do so happily.” Apophis said, his little tail wriggling as he drew himself back from the bank. Crocodiles were of no consequence to him save as a favorite snack! He swam along the banks the entire day, and if any scaled and toothy beast got to close, he warned the woman off while he devoured it whole. At the end of the day, the woman took out another fish from her pack and thanked him once more, promising to bring more if he would come again tomorrow.

For many days he did this, until he came to know the woman by her name, Nefriteri, and could call her familiar. Finally, for a snake can be very patient, Apophis came to her with a request. “Nefriteri, it is time for me to shed my skin, and I am afraid for it will mean I am vulnerable to attack! I would ask that you permit me to lie in your bed tonight so I will be safe until I have grown anew.”

Nefriteri considered this, but worry was on her face. Her little snake friend had been so kind to her, but if anyone found out she had allowed anyone else into her bed, there would be a scandal! Still, she did not wish to be ungrateful to someone who had been so kind. “I will do what you ask, but you must promise me you will tell no one or my reputation would be ruined.”

Apophis promised, and that night he snuck away into her home and slithered up beside her in the bed. As Nefriteri slept, he began to wriggle himself around, wishing to feel the warmth of her body against his own.

“My little friend, what are you doing?” She asked.

“My skin is on too tight! I must move about so it will slough off easier.” Apophis told her, and it was not entirely a lie. Moving against her body made it much easier for him to pull himself out from the too small form he was in.

Soon, a tickling began to flick at her ear and she shuddered, trying to scratch it away. “Is that your tongue, my friend? Please be wary! It tickles something awful!”

“I am very sorry. It is very difficult to control when there are so many new smells to suss out.” he promised her, and this was not a lie. A snake can not control it’s tongue no matter how it tries!

Nefriteri accepted this and turned to go back to sleep. A little while later, she gasped as she felt something long and thick press up against her back. “My friend! You’ve grown so large! What has happened?”

“When I shed my old skin, my new body becomes bigger and stronger. It is alright. I will be very careful not to disturb you.” He promised, and pulled the last of himself free from his old form. He was now very large and had to push most of himself off of the bed so she would not grow suspiscious.

Nefriteri did not mind so much. It was cold at night and his body was very warm and his breathing was very soothing. She soon fell asleep and drowsed all night by the side of the great and terrible serpent, safe within his coils. The next morning her mother came to wake her, and image now her fear when she found a massive snake skin lying around her daughters bed!

“What has happened?” She demanded, rousing Nefriteri with a shake. “Who did you let into your bed last night you foolish woman?”

Nefriteri looked about and tried to explain. She did not know where such a massive skin had come from! She had allowed only her little friend who protected her from the crocodiles to lie in her bed for one night! “Surely no harm could come of that!”

“Silly girl! Small snakes cause just as much fuss as the big ones!” her mother told her and bemoaned their lot. “You were to wed soon! The rushes you gathered were to be strewn about your marriage bower! What will we do! Everyone will see the scale marks pressed into your skin! It will be undeniable!”

Nefriteri stood there, frightened for herself until she could no longer stand it and ran from her home down to the river. “My friend!” she cried out. “My little friend! How could you do this? How could you betray me?”

Apophis came forward now, drawing himself up to his full mass and looking at her with clever round eyes. “I did not mean to cause you any harm. But I desired you from afar. Come with me, Nefriteri. Be my bride and I will make a goddess of you. You will ride my back across the sky and sleep warm within my coils against the cold night.”

Now that she knew who and what her little friend was, Nefriteri could not find it in herself to argue. She could not return to her people without facing shame for allowing someone into her bed, and though his trickery had been unkind, it was cleverly done. Nefreteri stood proudly, head up as she faced the massive serpent. “I will make a request of you then, if you wish me to be your wife. After all, I am due a dowry.”

“If you will agree to wed me, I will do all that I can I please you.” Apophis agreed, for so strong now was his lust, inflamed by being permitted into her bower, that he could hardly contain himself.

“I want three things. First, I want a dress made from your skin. I will wear this to our wedding. Two, I want a necklace made from your fangs, I will show it to everyone that they will know you have me for a wife. Three, I want to be the only one who will bare your children. No other wife or concubines will you take.” Nefreteri stood her ground, unmovable in her demands. Apophis had tricked her and now she would be made to wed him, but not without getting something for it.

Far from displeased, the great serpent was thrilled by her cleverness. “You are wise to ask for such things. I have given you my skin. Take what I have shed and we will have a fine dress made from it. As for my fangs, take a knife and cut one from my mouth with your own hands. It is fitting that my bride should share my poison. And as for the third.” He wrapped his coils around her waist and drew her up to his face. “No other but you have I ever desired. None but you shall keep my vows. You need not ask for my fidelity, for it has been yours since the moment I laid eyes upon you.”

And so Apophis too Nefriteri as his bride, and from her was spawned the first people of the naga race, as powerful and strong as their father, but with their mother’s cleverness and kindness to balance it out.