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Nazul | Djinn

Nazul the Djinn


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Chapter one

Storyline Includes:

  • Dubious Consent
  • Mind control
  • Anal
  • Large cock
  • Tentacles
  • Humiliation
  • Bondage
  • Encasement
  • Gags
  • Toys
  • Sensory Deprivation

More to the story…

They were born from the place where the burning sands meet the waving air. The fires swirled and from their combustion came life, born from chaos and passion. They were the djinn, and they had many terrible forms. Their machinations were cruel and inventive, for much like the fae folk they enjoyed the trials of the poor mortals ensnared in their clutches. Some have theorized that there may be some shared kinship between the two, though there is little proof beyond their proclivity for capriciousness. Unfortunately, unlike the fae, mortals rarely survive the encounter.

For ages they razed the world, causing destruction wherever they went. Empires fell for the sake of their amusements. It was not until the Conclave of Mages came together, and conceived of a way in which to ensnare the troublesome wretches. Through magic and alchemy, they enchanted common objects, thus allowing them to be hidden in plain sight. By using trickery, they managed to fool the djinn into becoming trapped, sealing them so that they could study the strange magic their kind produced.

Over time, the mages discovered that they could manipulate the djinn into obedience, but only three times. After this, the spell over them would break and the djinn would be freed to cause havoc in the mortal realm. There were a few instances where the unwise allowed the djinn they held to be freed, and the results were terrible beyond reckoning. How anyone managed to recapture them is unknown. But it must have been accomplished by some means.

The djinn have no specified gender or sexuality. Indeed their appearances are so varied that whether or not they must mate either for procreation or pleasure is entirely unknown. Given what their magic is capable of, one must assume that they are capable of sex if they wish to be. But all too often their appearance is described as horrific and beyond compare. Perhaps they conjure up their own visage at will to deter human interaction. It is a wonder that anyone would want to become involved with them if not for their incomparable power.

It is not thought that djinn breed. They have no need to, being immortal and nearly unkillable. But given their massive capability for power, it is almost certain that they could breed if they wished to. However, as far as we know, the number of these strange creatures has not changed since they came into our world. Even the ones that have been destroyed cannot be said to be gone forever.

While not all djinn are known, there are a few infamous ones who have been named by history. Maksur, who is thought to be responsible for the sinking of Atlantis. Tristikal, who caused the eruption of Pompeii after supposedly losing a bet with a human. But even these are said to be minor incidents when compared with their full power. It is ultimately unwise to irk a djinn. Or amuse a djinn. Or in general, it’s just a bad idea to have anything to do with them whatsoever.