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Ollie | Mutated Mushroom

Ollie the Mutated Devil’s Finger Mushroom


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Mutated Devil’s Finger Mushroom

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Chapter one

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Storyline Includes:

  • Tentacles
  • Spores
  • Fluids
  • Encasement
  • Breath play
  • Multiple penetration

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More to the story…

Magic exists in the same way that nuclear radiation exists. Which, in this instance, means that anything which is exposed to magic for a sufficiently long period of time will inevitably absorb some of it regardless as to whether or not it had any magical notability beforehand. The likelihood of such an occurrence is exponentially increased if there has been a recent explosion of magical activity in the area, or if there has been a constant source of magic lingering for some time.

Such an exposed area may result in unusual traits in the local flora and fauna. It is not unheard of for one to find rabbits the size of a rottweiler, or deer who have suddenly sprouted unusual fur patterns which make them invisible in their environment. In one instance, a bluejay simply began to speak in a Jersey accent, hurling curse words at anyone and anything that came within its territory.

The effects do not stop at fauna either. Plant life is typically the first to be affected by such leaks, often changing in color or suddenly displaying unusual and beneficial traits. It is worth noting that if one wishes to learn the source of a magical leak, they should pay attention to which plants are the most affected. Are the trees singing and telling you which way to go? Most likely a drayd. Does the algae from the local pond now glow pleasantly where it didn’t before? Merfolk, without a doubt.

Do the mushrooms grow five times as big as usual and call out to you in the full moon? Fairies. They are particularly fond of any species of mushroom which is phallic in shape, as they all seem to have a lewd sense of humor. Morels, stinkhorn, and devils fingers are among their favorites to toy around with. On some occasions, it has been said that they use them in the same way as many humans use silicone toys.


Fae magic is among the most unpredictable in the known cosmos. As such, it’s after effects are unpredictable, even when the fae themselves are actively in control of it. However, when a leak occurs, it is impossible to know how it will bleed over. Some even swear that the mushrooms will gain a kind of intelligence, understanding when they are being threatened and even protecting the wildlife in their area. They respond sweetly when treated well and tended to properly. There is even some evidence that they understand themselves as a separate entity! But as there is no way to test if a mushroom has gained sapience, we will all just have to live in curiosity.