Poe and Jax | Imps / Fiends

Basic Info

Main Character Name

Poe and Jax


Imps / Fiends

Found in Chapter…

Chapter three

Storyline Includes:

  • Orgy
  • Orgasm denial
  • Sadism / masochism
  • Dubious Consent

More to the story…

Demons, like so many other societies, have a structural hierarchy. While it would take far too long to discuss the specifics of such a vast group of creatures, it is safe to say that imps, otherwise known as fiends, as at the bottom of the ladder. Just barely above the damned.

Also known as fiends, imps are among what could be considered the less malicious of Hell’s creatures. They have very little power individually and thus rely on causing mishaps and annoyances which provoke people to act irrationally. One might consider them to be the traditional devil on your shoulder, whispering naughty things in your ear.

By why? And to what advantage?

Imps are not unrelated to the succubus, who feeds of sexual energy and desire. The difference being that they can feast off ANY emotional impulse or outpouring. Anger, love, sorrow, ennui, anxiety. They provoke these things in humans, allowing them and their brethren to feed. Some have even suggested that imps are the very troubles once released from Pandora’s Box.

However troublesome they may be, imps can prove faithful and diligent helpers to those who have the means to control them. Like familiars, they can sometimes bond with witches, giving the magically inclined a troop by which to make her will happen. There are some notes which suggest that the trouble which occurred in Salem was in fact incited by fiends, which were used by true witches to whisper in the ears of the young women and the town’s council and divert their attention onto innocents.

If one seeks to control an imp, they must be willing in enact disciplinary means upon them when they behave poorly, which is often. Most useful is a birch rod, which can be used to strike their backside and bring them into submission. A few good smacks with a bundle of these will ensure they continue to remember who they owe their loyalty to, and if one has multiple fiends, it will bring the others in line.

Fiends are often short and occasionally confused for goblins because of this. However, it should be noted that it is an insult to say so. As imps are both much more aesthetically pleasing, by FAR cleaner, and can have a much more pleasing disposition if they decide they like you.