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They came from beyond the storm clouds, astride great mounts that bore them to the realm of mortals. The carrion crows attended them with bloody beaks to those who had fallen in battle with valor to their names. Their souls they bore aloft, to the halls of Odin and Freya where they would dwell till the twilight of the gods and the final battle of Ragnarok.

Though the legends of the Valkyries have been told throughout time, the truth of their origins goes largely unknown.

Long ago, the glorious dead were collected by Odin and Freya personally. They were divided between the two, half to Odin’s hall of Valhalla, half to Freya’s hall of Folkvangr. Each vowed to train their warriors in their own way so that when the final battle came they would be ready for it. Freya, being a goddess of amorous pursuits, often found the company of her chosen warriors to be favorable. The Valkyries began as her daughters, sisters of her womb and sisters-in-arms. They took to the skies and did as their mother asked, taking on the duty of relieving the warriors from their mortal forms.

Then came Ragnorok.

The fall of the Aesir was inevitable, foretold thousands of years before it’s occurrence. Yet some were wise enough to prepare for this occurrence. When the fires of war had turned to embers, the Valkyries rebuilt the great hall of Folkvangr and established it as their headquarters. Their previous lives were behind them. There was no feast, no training, no warriors in their midst to spend their hours with. For the first time in their ageless lives, they did not know what to do.

Some stayed behind, clinging to the only lives they had known. They traveled the world, seeking those who died in battle and collecting their souls. The world has more than one end, after all. When the next one comes, someone will have to be there to fight. But many of them could no longer dwell in the old realms. They took their leave of the ancient sisterhood to make their way in the mortal realms, where before they had only visited. Given their skill set, it was no surprise that many of them ended up as mercenaries, bodyguards, and enforcers. But such is the way for warriors who no longer have a war before them.