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Verdant: What You Need to Know

Cantoria and the Nations

The Continent of Cantoria

Across the waves and past the far horizon lies the continent of Cantoria, an island surpassing all others in size, scope, and diverse geography. To the East is Spirepass Mountains, so dubbed for its towering rocky crags covered in snow and ice. To the West lies the Greenback, named for the thick moss that clings to every visible crevasse. These vast ranges separate the continent into three distinctive parts and four established nations; Verdant, Ta’Nakahour, Velhein, and Telicore. The last section being The Red Wastes, which is not a nation at all by any standard known.


A glittering landscape of golden sands and dusky orange canyons, Verdant dominates the vast majority of the continent’s midsection. She is marked throughout with beautiful sandstone cities that cling to lush oasis paradises and fertile valleys that supply food to the nation. There are five major metropolises; Verdant Proper (the Capitol/the Proper) where the Royal Palace and Five Houses reside. There is also the Flourishing Oasis (Flourish), the Speckled Pond, Last Respite Oasis, and the Lodestone Mines. There are three major ports, including the one at the Proper, with the other two being Port Spire to the East and Port Crags to the west. Smaller cities and settlements dot the landscape, providing much-needed shelter from the brutal heat and dangerous sandstorms that are known to occur. Traveling alone is best left to the practiced, while others are strongly encouraged to rely upon a well-guarded caravan.


On the Western side of the Greenback mountains lies the wild green canopy dubbed Ta’Nakahour (Dense Jungles). It stretches out as far as the eye can see, split only by the system of river-ways that lace inland from the ocean. It’s seemingly endless bounty provides ample sustenance to it’s people, ensuring their stability and prosperity under the trees. The capitol city of Mandregal stands out as a luminous beacon overlooking a vast lake to the South. While it is the only significant metropolis within the borders, the rest of the jungle is well populated by hundreds of smaller tribal territories stretching from ocean to mountain. Though beautiful to behold, it is an unwelcoming nation to those who are unfamiliar with it’s flora, fauna, and propensity for flooding on a regular basis.


This land of grassy open plains and blue fogged hilltops covers the uppermost part of the Eastern separation of Cantoria. Great animals roam the wilderness between it’s heavily fortified towns and fenced in expanses protect the pastures where the domesticated herds graze. There are eight major territories within Velhein, each one with their own tightly packed city behind stone walls. The most prominent among these are Ilursted, Hotho, Tamaga. To the East the capitol city of Velhein stands on the white cliffs where the Grand Temple presides over all. Vicious thunderstorms crash through the Northern landscape during the winter months, and the coastal region is buffeted by harsh winds, making travel there unpredictable and threatening.


To the Southernmost region beyond the Spirepass Mountains stands the condensed nation of Telicor. This region is covered in deep stretches of forest and murky bog-lands where long rivers divide the country into 21 highly coveted feifdoms. Though wet and difficult to traverse, this land is rich in mineral deposits and oil, giving it great prominence as a trading port along it’s coastline. The Palace of the King resides in the capitol city, and is in fact the capitol in it’s entirety including government offices, military citadels and residential areas. With the many Baronies constantly bickering and infighting over territory, it can often be difficult to tell how many other cities there are at any given time. The gray clouds overhead are a constant, though truly dangerous weather events are rare.

The Red Wastes

Conquering the entire Southern midsection of Cantoria are the Red Wastes, also known as the Wastes or the Blightlands. The earth here is dry and reddish brown, cracked and ever changing. Though it was once said to be a prosperous empire of a great people, a terrible event known as the Cataclysm brought the land to ruin. The hollowed out shell of what was once a massive volcano stands at the end of the Greenback mountains, now long dormant. Many venomous creatures and poisonous plants exist here, making food difficult to obtain. Fresh water sources are scarcer still, and ferociously guarded by the bandits and exiles who hide out in the many caves. It is said that this is where sandstorms are born, for they happen here with terrible ferocity before being carried on the Northbound wind across Verdant.