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Chapter two

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  • Gentle domination
  • Size kink
  • Overpowering
  • Mild humiliation
  • BBW

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“They come from the deep places of the world. From the dark, wet wombs of the mountains to the rich and fertile soil of the woods, they were born. Tall as trees and strong as mountains, they were the kin to rock and hill. They called themselves trolls, and carved their homes from the caverns from which they spawned.”

-Journal of Hans Sigurðardóttir, 1723

The first trolls lived in solitary caverns, far from any human life. They were a more brutal creature from a more savage time, and many of the worst stories of them were as horrific as they seemed. It was not unknown for the troll folk to raid farms and take the animals, eating them raw. During harsh winters when food supplies ran short, people would bar their doors and douse the light of their hearths, listening in fear for the heavy footfalls of the bloodthirsty trolls outside their doors. Pigs and goats can be replaced, after all. During these days, trolls were still base creatures, more animal and less sympathetic beasts. It is small wonder that early Vikings hunted them and considered them to be grand trophies. Their heads decorated the walls of the mead halls, and heroes boasted of the great battle fought against these monsters.

Then, during a harsh and terrible winter, an incident occurred. People had been warned to remain within their houses once the sunset, for trolls had been spotted stalking the local woods for stragglers. Their bravest warriors stood guard at the gates and patrolled the village. But even that wasn’t always enough to discourage the most determined trolls.

A young maiden by name of Sigfrieda had the duty of taking the midnight patrols their mulled wines to keep them warm against the chill. She was told to stay within the paths marked by the lanterns, and that she would be safe if she did so. But Sigfrieda was an inquisitive and trouble-making sort, and she felt sure that she knew a quicker path between guards. Even if it did cut very close to the edge of the village. She veered from the safety of the lanterns, and a terrible scream was heard throughout the village! The warriors came running, but by the time they arrived, there was nothing of the young woman but a barrel of wine spilled into the dense snow, and troll footprints leading out into the dark woods.

Sigfrieda awoke in a stinking cavern, bound and shoved in a corner as a massive, shaggy beast shuffled about the cavern, growling to itself. She shuddered and tried to work quietly at her bonds, but they had been tightly knotted. A shadow fell over her, and Sigfrieda gasped to see the trolls face shoved into her’s.

“Meat.” the troll grumbled in its dark voice. “Flesh.”

“You intend to devour me?” She asked, and the troll nodded.

“Winter is long. Dried meat loses its flavor and rots.” The troll insisted, it’s mouth drooling as it shrugged its shoulders. “You will keep better this way.”

Now Sigfrieda was known to be precocious, but she was also known for her cleverness. As the hulking monster stood over her, she noticed many things. One, the trolls did not bathe. Two, that their den was unkempt. And three, that this troll was most certainly and undeniably male. “Well then, if you are going to keep me for a while, then I might as well do something while I wait to be devoured whole.”

“I won’t devour you whole. I can’t fit you all in my mouth at once.” The troll insisted as if it thought the human girl was foolish. “I will chop you up into pieces so I can cook you in a stew.”

But Sigfrieda would not lose heart, and she put on her most pleasant and flirtatious smile. “As it pleases you. You’d know better than I would, of course. But do you really want to spend all winter in such a filthy and smelly den?”

“What’s wrong with my den?” The troll snorted, looking around at the piles of old moss and mushrooms growing along the walls. “It is a proper trolls den.”

“Well, it isn’t a very good den.”

“It is a fine den!”

“If you say so. But I know that food keeps better in clean places and in places that do not let bats drip their filth from the ceilings!” She insisted, crossing her arms and putting on a pert frown. “If you would untie me, I could clean out things a bit. Make it neat and tidy for you so that your other supplies will last you longer.”

The troll snorted, considering this request. Finally, it undid her arms, but tied a difficult knot onto her ankle and then to a boulder on the floor. “Do as you will, human. But you will not leave this cave, or I will just have to live off mushrooms and have my dinner raw.”

Sigfrieda agreed and began to clean the place out. She got rid of everything that could cause a smell or grow mold. She used a stick to chase the bats off and even managed to get a bucket of hot water so that she could scrub it clean. She convinced the troll to bring her fresh hay and dried moss to strewn on the floor. When she was done, the troll looked about and sniffed with vague approval.

“I suppose this is better.”

The young woman huffed and crossed her arms. “I could do better if you would have taken off the leash!” She insisted. “I’m not a pet you know! I am a woman! And in my village no one would dare lay hands on a woman without her permission!”

“You are not in your village anymore.” Said the troll sharply.

It continued like this for many days. Sigfrieda would clean the den, and then tell him how things were in a proper village. The troll would huff and growl at her to be quiet, but Sigfrieda was a well-born young woman, whose mother had been a shieldmaiden in her youth. No one could tell her when to be silent. As the cold days of winter wore on, the troll stopped grouching and began to listen, especially when she began to make him meals that were more filling and satisfying. He constantly peered over her shoulders as she added mushrooms and onions and roots to the food, making the dried meats much tastier.

“What is this?”

“Green onions.”

“What do they do?”

“They make food taste better.”

“What is this?”


“What does it do?”

“Makes food salty.”

“What is this?”


The troll jumped back. “You are an angry little thing!”

“You are planning to eat me! I’ll be as angry as I wish!” Sigfrieda insisted and shoved him away. For such huge creatures, trolls were surprisingly unwilling to come into a direct fight. Show a little backbone and the lumbering male caved. “And you are running out of things that make meat taste good!”

The troll hesitated, then shuffled down one of the side caves. It was gone for a very long time, and then returned, arms full of potatoes and onions and root vegetables. “Here. More things. You will make the meat taste good.”

“Humph.” Sigfrieda inspected them with a cautious air but nodded. “Good enough. In the spring I will teach you how to plant them. If you tend the crop carefully and store them in woven baskets you will have much more food for next winter instead of having to forage and scavenge like a wild dog.” She waved him off and began to cook the stew again.

The troll shuffled around and got closer. “…what makes you think you will be here come spring?”

“Ha! Don’t expect me to continue to be frightened of you! If you were going to eat me, you would have done it already. Now if you’re going to get in my way, you need to bathe. You’re putting off the flavor of the meal.”


“…you must be joking.” She insisted. “I thought you did not bathe because it was cold out!” She handed the troll a large bucket and ordered him to go bring back plenty of clean snow. She put it next to the hearth and let it come to a boil. “Now, sit in the corner and hand me those sheers.” As the stew boiled, Sigfrieda brushed out his fur and clipped it to a manageable state. She took the warm water and scrubbed the troll, even as he grumbled and snapped at her for being so rough with him. “Oh hush! You are rank! And I refuse to continue to keep house with someone who’s very state offends me!”

The troll snorted but did not resist any longer.

That night, as he lay down to bed in the fresh rushes and warm blankets Sigfrieda had woven, he gasped to see his bedspot was already taken. “What are you doing here?”

Sigfrieda humphed and grabbed the blankets. “I am tired of sleeping on old hay. I do most of the work here so I see no reason that you should get the most comfortable bed!” She shuffled to the side. “But you can share it if you must. It will be warmer anyhow.” She was satisfied when the troll stopped being frantic about his state of things and finally flopped down. She was right. It was much warmer this way. Besides, she had been patient enough. It was time to make her move.

The troll groaned softly as warm hands caressed down his body. He grunted deeply and opened his eyes to see Sigfrieda stroking him steadily, causing his cock to grow erect. “Why are you doing this?”

“Because I want to.” She said firmly. “And because I no longer find you offensive to my sensibilities.” She reassured him and stroked beneath his cock, fondling his swollen balls. “Now, come here, and let me show you what else we do in my village.”

When the spring thaw came, the warriors of the village raced to the caverns. Though they were sure that Sigfrieda had been slaughtered, they would seek vengeance on the troll who had ended her! But what they found was something entirely unexpected!

Sigfrieda greeted them outside the cavern, a garden already sprouting up little green buds. Her clothing was a bit worn and in need of patching, but she looked no worse for wear, save for the tightness of her dress around her belly. The warriors insisted on bringing her back to the village, telling her that her family would be thrilled to see she had survived. But Sigfrieda denied them. “Tell my mother and father to come and visit me here. I have taken a husband for myself, and my new home is in bad need of repairs. I will take my dowry now. There will be a son on the way soon. My new husband tells me his family is known for producing boys.”