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Zelda the Receptionist


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Human (formerly a Persian cat)

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Chapter one

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  • This character does not include sex scenes

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“Cats choose us, we don’t own them.”

There was no magic to the little kitten found half drowned outside the manor. No one in the household thought it would make it, but the little creature proved to be more determined than the storm. The mistress of the house found the little beast endearing and decided that it deserved a place among the monsters and creatures there. She named the kitten Zelda, and it followed her everywhere. There was nowhere Zelda was unwelcome. Even the fae folk liked her, and they usually can not abide by cats. No monster would dare offend her and risk her fury, but they plied her with treats and petting. Her life was one of sunbeams and cosseting, and she adored her home and her mistress.

Until one day, a man came.

Cats know intentions. They can see through the flesh and into the heart of another. It should have been clear from the moment Zelda refused to let him touch her that this man had nothing but bad intentions. But love can be blinding. It can make you ignore the obvious in favor of the dream. Zelda didn’t trust this man one bit, and took to following him everywhere. After all, rumors about the mansion swirled, and people were always sure there was treasure somewhere in it’s halls.

One day, Zelda found the man sneaking through her mistress’s things. The mistress was love blind, but not foolish. She had never told her paramour about the strange and wonderful creatures she kept. But he had found her photo albums and journals. What he planned to do with these, Zelda did not know or care, but she began to meow her head off, trying to alert someone.

The man took the cat and tossed her in an old sac. He ran into the woods and tossed the sack into a river, and he ran.

A selkie found the sack.

The werewolves found the man.

The mistress of the house adored her kitten and wept for her. She went to the fae folk and asked for a deal which would extend the life of her kitten. They accepted, and Zelda the cat became Zelda the woman.

Cat years move quicker than human years, and Zelda was already sixteen when she caught the man trying to hurt her mistress. As a human, she was no younger. But for what it is worth, she is contented with the ability to open her own tuna tins and prepare catnip tea for herself without having to wait on anyone else to do it.